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City Council 1-Nov-2016: Retail Building in Town Center, Quick-Quack Car Wash Site Plan.

2016 LogoAbout 8 people attended the council meeting at which we approved (1) the final plat for the Edge Home development on the south west side of town (R-1-30), the architectural plan for Quick Quack car wash, a site plan for a new building west of Wendy’s, and a sewer connection for a Golf Training Center which will be built in American Fork adjacent to Highland..

Council Meeting AGENDA / MINUTES

Public Comment/Appearances

  • Police Chief Brian Gwilliam discussed a fund raising activity the department is doing to support a local veteran visiting his war memorial in Washington DC. Officers can purchase a beard permit for $20/mo from November through February. All proceeds will be used to fund the trip as discussed. Note, the department is not advertising for donations from residents but private donations would be accepted. Check with the department (801-756-9800) for information on how to contribute if you would like to help.


  1. MOTION: Approval of Meeting Minutes for the City Council Regular Session – October 18, 2016. Approved unanimously. Click here to view the minutes.

  2. Ratifying the Mayors Appointment to the Timpanogos Special Service District Board – Councilman Brian Braithwaite. Approved unanimously. Click here to read background information from the agenda.

  3. MOTION: Final Plat Approval for a 28 lot single family subdivision located at 9725 North 6800 West - Sky Ridge Estates. Approved unanimously after confirming that the developer is responsible for piping an irrigation ditch that runs through the property. Click here to read background information from the agenda.
    2016-11-01 Sky Ridge P1
    2016-11-01 Sky Ridge P2

  4. MOTION: Approval of an Interlocal Agreement - North Utah County Aquifer Council. This was discussed in the previous council meeting and approved unanimously.  Click here to read background information from the agenda.


  1. PUBLIC HEARING / ORDINANCE: Amending the Transportation Impact Fees:  Improvements to Highland Blvd were made a number of years ago. The fee revision will be used to recover most of the costs. Zions bank updated our impact fee analysis to include the Highland Blvd costs. Approved unanimously. Click here to read background information from the agenda.
  2. MOTION: Site and Architectural Plan Approval for a 4,104 square foot car wash on lot 11 of the Highland Marketplace Subdivision in the Commercial Retail Zone - a request by Dallas Hakes for Quick Quack Car Wash.  After a brief discussion on parking and queuing space which included comments from the owner indicating that in other locations similar sizing is more than adequate the plan was unanimously approved. Click here to read background information from the agenda.
    2016-11-01 Quick Quack 1
    2016-11-01 Quick Quack 2

  3. MOTION: Site Plan Approval for a 4,587 square foot building in the Town Center Overlay Commercial Retail Zone. (West of Wendy’s North of Meier’s) – Requested by Daniel Schmidt of WPI. A plan to build a drive through ready building west of Wendy’s was reviewed and approved unanimously. The plan also shows the preliminary location and layout of a future building located at the site of the old park maintenance building. Click here to read background information from the agenda.
    2016-11-01 Town Center 1

  4. MOTION: Approval allowing the Golf Skill Training Center located in American Fork City to connect their sewer lateral into a Highland City sewer line. The developer of a golf training center being built by a non-profit, directly east of the detention pond on Alpine Hwy on American Fork land, asked for permission to connect to Highland’s sewer system. The connection would be made to a sewer line serving Pheasant Hollow. The connection would be made on property purchased by the city and would not require tearing up any roads. The training center will have 2 bathrooms and 3 sinks. Approved unanimously.   Click here to read background information from the agenda.
    2016-11-01 Golf Training Center 1
    2016-11-01 Golf Training Center 2


  • Open Space Maintenance Agreement – Erin Wells, Assistant to the City Administrator. Click here for more details from the staff presentation.  We continued to discuss open space maintenance agreements. The intent of which going forward is to be used only for open space that is encumbered in some fashion (utility easement) such that it is not in the best interest of the city to sell the land to residents. Most of the discussion centered around what restrictions should or should not be placed on land use. Permanent structures, fences, trampolines … should not however gardens, flower beds, with or without curbing would be allowed. Staff would need to approve all site plans. Staff will continue to work on the agreement and come back to council for confirmation that it is moving in the right direction.
  • Tanner Nordstrom, a resident, expressed concern about speeding on a road in his neighborhood. He has clocked cars traveling at 50 mph. Staff agreed to use the newly purchased traffic counter strips to monitor the traffic.


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