Tuesday, July 14, 2020

2019-2020 Highland Property Taxes & Fees Compared to Other N. Utah County Cities

Taxes on the BalanceIn our recent city survey a number of residents commented about our high property tax and utility fees. Why are they so high? Well, in reality they are not. Our property tax rate is the 2nd lowest in N. Utah County and the 3rd lowest in the county. Our utility fees, including the road and public safety fees, are slightly less than average compared to other N Utah County Cities (I didn’t take the time to research fees for other cities in the county).

Below are charts and graphs that compare our property tax rate and fees with other N. Utah County Cities. Here are the assumptions used for comparison:

  • City Property tax rates are easy to compare but determining a dollar impact is a little subjective because of the difference is value of similar homes in different areas. I used a representative property in Highland valued at $634,000 to compare the costs.
  • Utility Fees - I made the following assumptions for each fee type:
    • Culinary Water: 12,000 gallons per month
    • Pressurized Irrigation: 16,000 gallons per month or the fee associated with a 20,000 sq. ft. lot.
    • Sewer: 9,000 gallons per month
    • Garbage: 1 regular and 1 recycle bin

Annual Utility Fees + City Property Tax Comparison

City Property Tax Comparative Charts

The list below includes all cities in Utah County. The last two columns are rankings relative to cities in N. Utah County and all cities in Utah County.

Utility Fees Comparative Charts


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